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Kucharo Sound- Listing

Listings for the printed version of the 2017 Event Production Directory are closed. Any new submissions or changes made will not be considered for print until the 2018 edition.
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Kucharo Sound
Ryan Kucharo, Owner
Wichita, KS 67212
P: (316) 351-8334
E: Contact Kucharo Sound
W: www.KucharoSound.com
House Consoles: Soundcraft FX16, EPM, SI Expression 3
House Cabinet: QSC K-series, Yamaha C112V, Carvin TRX series, TRx3218 , TRx2153
Monitor Consoles: Soundcraft Si3 Expression
Monitor Cabinet: QSC K12, Carvin LS 1502 series
Power Amps: Carvin DCM, DCM3800L, QSC PL2
Microphones: Audio-Technica ATW3110 Wireless, ATM25, Pro Series, Artist series, Artist Elite series, AE2500, Sennheiser e602, Shure SM series, SM58, SM57, Beta 52
Personal Monitors: Audio Techinca M3
Crossovers & EQ: dbx Driverack PA, 231
Dynamics Processors: dbx 1066 Dual Compressor/Limiter/Gate, 160A, 166XL
Insurance Coverage: $1 million-$3 million

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